Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pragmatic Influence and Afghanistan

A member of an Agricultural Development Team (ADT) from the Kansas
Army National Guard talks with an Afghan farmer. (Photo U.S. Army)

RJ Hampsey writes in this short article published February 2018 about how we need to ". . . influence the Afghans to partner with us to achieve not only our objective but theirs as well". He presents two simple theories that might assist us in understanding the situation on the ground and help us re-gain a partnership with the majority of the Afghan people. He provides a 'different' perspective on what is important to Afghans and believes we should align our interests with theirs - which in turn, will help ensure that foreign terrorists will no longer operate freely in Afghanistan.

About the author: RJ Hampsey joined the Counterinsurgency (COIN) Advise and Assist Team (CAAT) in November 2009 and was assigned to advise and assist the officers, NCOs, and Soldiers executing information operations, PSYOP, and Civil Affairs in support of Regional Command East. In total he spent 36 months as a member of the CAAT in RC-E and HQ-ISAF; and the Military Information Support Task Force (MISTF).

Realpolitik in Afghanistan: Pragmatic Influence Required

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