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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Base Closures in Afghanistan Continue as Withdrawal Proceeds toward 2014 - FOB Altimur Latest to Close

Bulldozer leveling FOB Altimur,
Logar province in early Jan 2013
as part of base closures in Afghanistan.
(photo SSG John Cockrell)
The closing of Combat Outposts (COPs) and Forward Operations Bases (FOBs) continue throughout Afghanistan. As the ISAF and U.S. troops withdraw, consolidate onto larger bases and go home many of the smaller COPs and FOBs are being vacated. In some instances they are being dismantled completely and in other instances part or all of the base is turned over to the Afghans. One of the latest to close is FOB Altimur located in the south of Logar province. FOB Altimur at various times in the last several years was home to either battalions or companies and the occasional SFAAT. Currently, with the closing of the U.S. side of the base, the primary tenant is an ANA kandak. The kandak is responsible for security in southern Logar province with companies located at Baraki Barak, Charkh, and Kherwar districts. Read more about the closing of FOB Altimur in "Afghan army assumes control of formerly joint base", DVIDS, March 9, 2013.