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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Report - US Policy in Afghanistan after 2014

A new report has been published that examines United States policy in Afghanistan after 2014. The report poses (and answers six key questions) and should be helpful to senior civilian and military leaders in the preparation of policy and strategy recommendations. The report covers subjects such as critical national interests in Afghanistan, overall U.S. strategy, the conditions shaping U.S. involvement in Afghanistan now, the new national interests that were not met by our earlier strategies, and the risks and challenges that will exist in the future. The report, U.S. Policy and Strategy Toward Afghanistan after 2014, was authored by Dr. Larry P. Goodson and Professor Thomas H. Johnson, and published by the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) of the U.S. Army War College. It can be downloaded at the link below (62 pages, 1 MB, Adobe Acrobat PDF).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Obama Faces Criticism on Afghan Policy

A columnist, Michael Cohen, reviews President Obama's record on Afghanistan and finds it weak. He says that Obama began looking for a political settlement much too late, did not do a comprehensive review of the war until later in his presidency, ordered a surge of 30,000 troops with "a fuzzy set of objectives", and based the wars strategy on "assumptions about Afghanistan and Pakistan that turned out to be quite faulty". He concludes that Obama faces some criticism this fall as he prepares for the election when more attention focuses on Afghanistan. Read the rest of his article in "Kicking the Afghan Can", Foreign Policy, March 13, 2012.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Petraeus and His War with The Beltway

It appears that General Petraeus has had his way with the Washington crowd.  2011 is now 2014. Read more on this topic in "Foreign Policy: Petraeus' War Inside The Beltway", NPR, November 15, 2010.