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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Law Enforcement Professionals (LEPs) Aid Afghans

Law Enforcement Professionals or LEPs have been operating in Afghanistan for a long time. Their role has been critical - as conventional infantry units are not always well-versed in some of the aspects of counterinsurgency (such as working with the local police) as is required. The LEPs provide the expertise to ensure that evidence-based operations are conducted so that warrants can be issued and evidence collected that results in insurgents being properly targeted and prosecuted. Read more in "Law enforcement professionals aid in Afghan evidence-based operations", DVIDS, March 20, 2013.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Warrants May Be Required for Afghan Night Raids By U.S. Special Forces

President Karzai is pushing for an end to night raids by U.S. and ISAF special operations forces. Currently Afghan Commando and Special Forces units are working with coalition special operations forces with the Afghan units in the lead for night raids. Karzai is trying to limit ISAFs participation even further with the introduction of warrant-based raids. This didn't work well for coalition forces in Iraq and it will work even worse in Afghanistan. Hopefully the U.S. takes a hard line on this. See "Afghan Night Raids May Need Warrants Under U.S. Offer to Karzai", Bloomberg, March 20, 2012.

Warrant-Based Targeting and Law Enforcement Model for Afghanistan?

Are we moving to a warrant-based targeting and law enforcement model in Afghanistan? Indications are that we will be doing that soon. We did the same in Iraq and it significantly diminished the ability of our forces to operate there. The same can be expected in Afghanistan. Corruption is spread throughout the Afghan National Police (ANP). The judicial system is a joke. Rule of Law is a highly-sought after but elusive ideal. Hopefully the warrant-based targeting system will be introduced AFTER 2014 - because I don't see it working at all in Afghanistan. Read more on this in "Moving to Warrant-Based Targeting and the Law Enforcement Model in Afghanistan?", by Robert Chesney, Lawfare Blog, March 20, 2012.