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Saturday, October 25, 2014

1st Cav Redeploys From Afghanistan

The HQs of the 1st Cavalry Division has returned home. They were deployed to the south of Afghanistan to form the core of Regional Command South (RC South). About 70 1st Cav members remain for several more months to constitute the core of the replacement headquarters for RC South - which was renamed Train Advise Assist Command - South or TAAC South. RC South was the headquarters element for about 16 partner nations in southern Afghanistan conducting the Security Force Assistance mission. Read more in "1st Cavalry headquarters returns from Afghanistan", Fort Hood Herald, October 22, 2014.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Withdrawal Under Fire in RC East

A recent news article paints a worrisome picture of the security situation in the south-eastern sector of Regional Command East (RC East). As the remaining Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) have been closed down or transferred to the Afghan National Army (ANA) U.S. Soldiers find that the Taliban have become increasing aggressive. Some observers say that the Taliban want to project the image that these attacks in the closing days of the U.S. presence are causing the U.S. to close up shop. Others say that these attacks are a sign of a deadly fighting season ahead in 2015. Read more in "Parting shot: No fond farewell for 82nd paratroopers in Afghanistan", Stars and Stripes, October 23, 2014.