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Monday, March 2, 2015

Video - Essential Function 5 Explained

Resolute Support Headquarters (RS HQ) has been rolling out an information campaign on the Eight Essential Functions or 8 EFs. The essential functions are a methodology for organizing the work of the Coalition in the mission of "train, advise, and assist" of the Afghan Security Institutions (ASIs) and the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). Part of this info campaign is a series of short videos on each of the essential functions. Thus far, the most entertaining video has been presented by Essential Function 5 - Sustain the Force. The director of EF 5 - a Mr. Pat Dulin - provides us with an entertaining 2-min video explaining the work that advisors do in the EF 5 area. This guy should sell used cars or perhaps vacuum cleaners! Or something as dry and boring as maintenance and logistics. Whoever said logistics couldn't be exciting!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Transition Ceremony Kicks off Resolute Support Mission

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) held a ceremony concluding operations in Afghanistan and transitioning to the new NATO-led Resolute Support mission. The ceremony paid tribute to the international efforts launched in 2001 to help establish a new government and security in Afghanistan. The Resolute Support mission will consist of more than 12,500 troops focused on building Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) sustainability. This will be done through the implementation of Functionally-based Security Force Assistance. The force will consist of 28 NATO allies and 14 partner nations. Under Resolute Support, efforts to train, advise, and assist Afghan Security Institutions (ASI) and the ANSF at the ministerial, operational, and institutional levels will focus on eight essential functions. These 8 EFs comprise the systems and processes required for the professionalism and sustainability of the ASI and ANSF. There was no mention of whether the NATO RS mission would advise and train the ANSF in counterinsurgency operations - an area in which the ANSF desperately needs assistance. Read more in "Transition ceremony kicks off Resolute Support Mission", NATO News, December 28, 2014.