Monday, March 2, 2015

Video - Essential Function 5 Explained

Resolute Support Headquarters (RS HQ) has been rolling out an information campaign on the Eight Essential Functions or 8 EFs. The essential functions are a methodology for organizing the work of the Coalition in the mission of "train, advise, and assist" of the Afghan Security Institutions (ASIs) and the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). Part of this info campaign is a series of short videos on each of the essential functions. Thus far, the most entertaining video has been presented by Essential Function 5 - Sustain the Force. The director of EF 5 - a Mr. Pat Dulin - provides us with an entertaining 2-min video explaining the work that advisors do in the EF 5 area. This guy should sell used cars or perhaps vacuum cleaners! Or something as dry and boring as maintenance and logistics. Whoever said logistics couldn't be exciting!

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