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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Security Force Assistance

The Pentagon's foreign military aid budget will rise for yet another year with the Senate's vote on the new version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). It also passed the House of Representatives. $10 billion of that money is allocated to security assistance but because the defense budget is insulated from scrutiny there is no way to tell if the dollars are used effectively. Recent expensive and high profile failures in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria have prompted Congress to look a little closer at the military foreign aid programs. Read more in "The Pentagon's security assistance wasteland", The Hill - Congress Blog, November 11, 2015.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

ATP 3-05.2 Foreign Internal Defense (FID) August 2015

The Army has released an updated version of Army Techniques Publication (ATP) 3-05.2, Foreign Internal Defense, August 2015. This version supersedes the September 2011 version. This 218 page publication is full of important information for advisors conducting Foreign Internal Defense (or Security Force Assistance) in a host nation. The proponent of ATP 3-05.2 is the U.S. Army Special Operations Center of Excellence, USAJFKSWCS. ATP 3-05.2 provides the U.S. Army commanders and staffs information on the concept of planning and conducting foreign internal defense (FID). This publication describes the fundamentals, activities, and considerations involved in the planning and execution of FID throughout the full range of military operations, and it emphasizes FID as a strategic policy option. The pub serves as the doctrinal foundation for Army FID doctrine, force integration, material acquisition, professional education, and individual and unit training.

Chapter 1 - Overview
Chapter 2 - Organization and Responsibilities
Chapter 3 - Planning
Chapter 4 - Training
Chapter 5 - Employment Considerations
Chapter 6 - Operations
Chapter 7 - Redeployment
Annex A - Legal, Regulatory, and Policy Considerations
Annex B - Internal Defense and Development Strategy
Annex C - Intelligence Support Operations
Annex D - Illustrative Interagency Plan
Annex E - Security Assistance
Annex F- Site Survey, Trainer, and Advisor Checklists

Monday, January 5, 2015

How Advisors Build Rapport

A recent post online discusses how trainers and advisors conducting Foreign Internal Defense or FID can build rapport with their counterparts. Special Forces personnel receive extensive training in how to advise foreign military units. One aspect of this training is building rapport. The SF students first exposure to rapport building during Special Forces training takes place during the unconventional warfare exercise called Robin Sage. Good information for those personnel training up to deploy on a Security Force Assistance mission to Afghanistan. Read more in "Foreign Internal Defense Tips, Pt. 3, Rapport Building", SOFREP, January 3, 2015.