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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Afghan National Police Code of Conduct

The European Union Police (EUPOL) is backing (that would be money) a campaign by the Afghan government to make the ANP police code of conduct common knowledge among the citizens of Afghanistan. The code of conduct is a guide on ethical behaviour in conducting police work and was approved in 2011. The Ministry of Interior (MoI) conducted a survey in May 2016 to gauge the Afghan public's knowledge and perception of the code of conduct. The results were disheartening and pointed to the need for a media campaign to change the limited awareness. It is hoped that the media campaign will bring positive change to police behaviour and improve transparency and integrity within the Afghan National Police. Read more in "To serve and protect: Media awareness campaign promotes ANP Code of Conduct", European Union External Action.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Afghan Police

EUPOL Newsletter. The March 2016 issue of the European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan is available online (and download as PDF). The eleven pages have a number of topics about the ANP and MoI. Some of the articles include subjects such as community policing, introduction of EUPOL's chief of staff, interview with MoI Deputy Minister of Interior General Rahman Rahman, leadership skills and management, illegal migration, education for police trainers, intelligence seminar, and more.

Police HQs Attacked in Helmand. The Taliban attacked a police headquarters and intelligence agency office early Wednesday in Afghanistan's Helmand province. Three police officers were killed along with seven attackers. (The Washington Post, March 9, 2016).

Unfavorable Video. Authorities in Afghanistan say they're investigating the circumstances around a disturbing video clip that appears to show police officers taking part in the brutal torture of an alleged terror suspect. Read "Afghan Officials Vow Fresh Probes Into Police Torture Video", Radio Free Europe, March 10, 2016.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

EUPOL and Rule of Law

EUPOL has posted an explanation of their Line of Operation 3 (LO3) for training up the Afghan National Police. LO3 is the Rule of Law Component and it is further sub-divided into the Police-Justice Linkages Unit and the Legal Reform Unit. Read more in "EUPOL's new Lines of Operation explained: Rule of Law", January 6, 2015.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Police Advisors Pledge Support to MoI / ANP

An agreement was recently signed that coordinated the advisory efforts of several different international organizations that are training, advising, and assisting (TAA) the Afghan National Police (ANP) and the Ministry of Interior (MoI). Representatives from the European Union Police (EUPOL) Mission Afghanistan, the German Police Project Team (GPPT), and ISAF/RS signed a "Memorandum of Cooperation" on Monday, December 29th, 2014. The memorandum improves coordination and cooperation and transitions the TAA effort from a tactical focus to a more strategic level at the Ministry of Interior. The head of the International Police Coordination Board (IPCB) was also in attendance. It would seem that the 'memorandum' addresses what some might call an uncoordinated and disjointed police training effort in the past. So, the good news - the effort is now jointly coordinated. Hopefully it being coordinated by someone with some police experience and not an infantry or armor officer who read a book on police advising and who is on his first Afghan tour. And, the bad news - the memorandum seems to move the advising and training effort off the tactical level and up to the strategic level. So we are adopting a 'top down' approach to police training and advising - when the need is at all levels. Read more on this topic in "International police reps pledge support to Afghan National Police, Ministry of Interior", ISAF News, December 29, 2014.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


With the end of the ISAF mission coming up fast (December 31, 2014) many international organizations are scaling back activities in Afghanistan. The European Police (EUPOL) is one of those organizations. Read about EUPOLs activities with the Afghan Border Police (ABP) and the Fire and Disaster Police (FDP) in "Fire & Disaster Police and Border Police: close cooperation and an open mind go a long way", European Union External Action, December 4, 2104.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

ANP Training Responsibilities Transferred

"The development and approval of Afghan National Police (ANP) training courses are now under Afghan ownership as of 26 November 2014. Under the framework of the recurring Professional Development Board (PDB) a memorandum of understanding was signed by representatives of EUPOL, German Police Project Team (GPPT), NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan (NTM-A), and ANP General Training Command (GTC). With this memorandum the international community handed over the responsibility and decision making about ANP training course to Afghan authorities. The international representatives of the PDB will now take the role of advising and support towards the Afghan authorities in their work to provide adequate training courses to the police. In the PDB the Afghan authorities will now decide about newly designed and developed training courses and give official approval to them. The approved courses can then be taught across the country according to the same standards." (Text above taken from EUPOL news release, November 2014).