Sunday, March 25, 2018

SIGAR Report - Review of ANA Blood Collection and Screening Procedures

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) has released a report that reviews the collection and procedures for screening the blood of Afghanistan National Army personnel. SIGAR-19-33SP published in March 2018 is 14 pages long. Knowing the blood types and screening for infectious disease is critical to the sustainability of the ANA, as receiving blood that has not been correctly typed or screened may be life-threatening.

Some key points in the report:

In January 2017 the ANA stopped collecting and testing blood, or validating test results, from new recruits. The blood type of at least 9 percent of the total ANA force currently remains unconfirmed. The Afghan National Army Recruiting Command (ANAREC) did not have the necessary supplies and equipment to collect the blood. Some ANA soldiers have been killed from receiving the wrong type of blood when injured or wounded in combat. The ANA is not required to input blood type into the Afghan Human Resource Information System (AHRIMS) during the medical accessions process. projects/SIGAR-18-33-SP.pdf

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