Sunday, February 18, 2018

Movies and Videos about the Afghan War

Camp Commando, Afghanistan. A Slovakian Special Forces soldier talks about his job training Afghan SOF in Afghanistan. (2-min, Resolute Support, Feb 15, 2018).

RS Cdr Visits TAAC-East, Resolute Support, February 12, 2018. General John Nicholson visited Train, Advise, and Assist Command East where he discussed (in this 1-min long video) the recent attacks by the Taliban in Kabul.

Can Economic Interventions Reduce Violence? New Evidence from Kandahar, New America Foundation, February 16, 2018. A new report from Mercy Corps and the Political  Violence FieldLab at Yale University is discussed. (video is 1 1/2 hours long).

Afghan Special Mission Wing: Wings of the Commandos, NSOCC-A, February 11, 2018. This short (30 sec) video features the 777 Squadron of the Afghan Air Force.

ANASOC's Cobra Strike Kandaks, NSOCC-A, February 10, 2018. This short video (30-secs) provides information of a newly established unit that belongs to the Afghanistan National Army Special Operations Command.

Task Force-3 Geronimo Leads the Charge in Force Protection, USFOR-A, February 1, 2018. Short video describes the job of a U.S. Army unit that provides protection to Bagram Air Field (BAF).

View a list of videos about Afghanistan.

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