Sunday, February 18, 2018

Afghan War News Snippets

Book Excerpt - Directorate S. An excerpt of Steven Coll's new book is provided by Barnes and Noble.

Annual UNAMA Report on Civilian Casualties. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan has released its annual on "The Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict", February 2018.

IO - The Taliban are Eating Our Lunch. Arnel David, a U.S. Army Civil Affairs officer with Afghan deployment time, writes about how the U.S. (and Resolute Support) needs to step up their game in the information operations environment. Read "Winning the War of Perceptions in Afghanistan & Beyond", Real Clear Defense, February 16, 2018.

Taliban's 'Peace Letter'. The Taliban have disseminated a letter to the "American people" urging them to press their government to engage in peace talks with the Taliban. The 3,000-word letter was released on Feb 14th. (Gandhara, Feb 14, 2018).

Book Review. Niamatullah Ibrahimi's new book "The Hazaras and the Afghan State" is reviewed by John Waterbury. (Foreign Affairs, March/April 2018).

Return of the Fatemiyoun Fighters. For the past few years Iran has sent (either through incentives or coercion) Afghans to fight in the Syrian conflict. The Afghans were part of the Fatemiyoun brigade. Now that the conflict with ISIS has subsided the Afghans are returning to Iran or, in some cases, Afghanistan. Ahmad Shuja Jamal, a Fulbright scholar at Georgetown University, explores the future of the Fatemiyoun in "Mission Accomplished? What's next for Iran's Afghan Fighters in Syria?", War on the Rocks, February 13, 2018.

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