Sunday, January 28, 2018

RS HQs on Afghanistan in 2018

NATO's Resolute Support Headquarters wants you to know that it has "a path to a win" in Afghanistan. The increase of the force to around 15,000 troops from 39 partner and allied nations will contribute to a plan "to fracture the Taliban, and leave them with no option but a negotiated end to the conflict."

Well . . . how can this small force prevail, where an international force some ten times the size did not defeat the insurgency in 2010? RS HQs offers answers to this question in a recently released 'backgrounder'. Some of the answers include:

"Better Afghan Forces"
"Undefeated Special  Forces"
"Independent Air Force"
"Generational Change in Leadership"
"Training Down to Kandaks"
"New Authorities to Hunt Down the Taliban"
"Economic Growth"

Read "The path to a win. What's different in 2018", Resolute Support, January 15, 2018

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