Sunday, January 28, 2018

Book Review: "Wakhan Qadrangle"

Tobias Marschall reviews a new book entitled "Wakhan Quadrangle: Exploration and Espionage During and After the Great Game". The book, wrote by geographer Hermann Kreutzmann, explores one of the most remote areas of the world. The valley in the Parmir Mountains of Central Asia is situated on the peripheries of Afghanistan, China, Tsarist Russia, and Great Britain. While many 'western explorers' are known (through published works) to have transited and studied this area of the world - those 'explorers' local to the area are less well-known. This book focuses on those native explorers whose contributions were neglected in public discourse and in scholarly discussions. Read the review in "Book Review: Exploration, Espionage, and The Great Game", Gandhara Blog, January 22, 2018.

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