Sunday, June 11, 2017

Marines Set Up Task Force Southwest in Helmand Province

In 2014 Regional Command South West (RC SW) was dis-established as part of the draw down of forces across Afghanistan. While other regional commands (2-star organizations) were replaced by 'Train Advise and Assist Commands' (1-star organizations) the RCs for the 203rd and 215th Corps were just disbanded. Resolute Support HQs attempted to provide 'long-range expeditionary advising' to these two corps but . . .  well, that's another story.

In 2015 it was determined that a full-time presence was needed in Helmand province as the security situation had deteriorated drastically in that area of Afghanistan. A small U.S. Army contingent called Task Force Forge was dispatched to provide training, advice, and assistance and to coordinate for enablers (air support, etc.) when needed. In the spring of 2017 Task Force Forge was replaced by a Marine contingent called Task Force Southwest. Read some news reports about the activities of Task Force Southwest below.

May 24, 2017. Working Together: Marine advisors with Task Force Southwest hit the ground running, DVIDS.

May 25,2017. "Marine Advisors Train Afghan Soldiers, Police", Department of Defense.

January 9, 2017. Task Force South West - Marines Return to Helmand Province, SOF News.

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