Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kunduz City Attacked by Taliban in October 2016

The Taliban have once again attacked Kunduz City in Kunduz province, northern Afghanistan. The attack was launched on Monday, October 3, 2016. Reports indicated it was a coordinated assault - taking place a little more than a year after they had seized the provincial capital and held it for almost two weeks. Some reports indicate that civilian houses are being used by the Taliban as bases to fire upon Afghan government forces. The Taliban attack appears to be coming from all sides of the city. The Afghan government forces are being supported by U.S. aircraft conducting airstrikes (helicopter support and maybe some fixed wing) on Taliban positions. (Military Times, Oct 5, 2016).

Spin, spin, and more spin. As usual, the Resolute Support HQs provided its optimistic view of the situation. At first denying that Kunduz was under attack; and then shortly after saying that the ANDSF had full control of the city. This at a time when half the city was under the control of the Taliban. Read more in a report by The Long War Journal (Oct 4, 2016).

Read more on the Taliban attack on Kunduz city:
October 3, 2016, "Taliban Fighters Launch Assault on Afghan City", by Jessica Donati and Ehsanullah Amiri, The Wall Street Journal.

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