Sunday, October 2, 2016

"Assist" Part of "Train, Advise and Assist"

The two-part mission of the United States in Afghanistan consists of 'counterterrorism' and 'train, advise, and assist'. An example of 'training' is where instructors and trainers are assisting the Afghan National Army (ANA) to employ and maintain the recently field ScanEagle UAV to the ANA corps. An example of 'advising' is where advisors work with senior members of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to reduce the number of ANA checkpoints across the country so that offensive power can be generated. An example of 'assist' is where the U.S. provides funding or equipment to the ANA. Pictured above is one type of assistance - the providing of weapons and ammunition to the ANA by the Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan Security Assistance Office (CSTC-A SAO). The photo shows CSTC-A members in the process of receiving, inventorying, and transferring rifles and ammo to the ANA at the international airport in Kabul. The transfer is part of SAO's Foreign Military Sales process. (Photo by Lt. Christopher Hanson, RS HQs, Sep 17, 2016.)

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