Monday, April 20, 2015

Assessing DoD Efforts to Inform, Influence, & Persuade

If you are in the Strategic Communications field in a conflict area then the below listed three references from the RAND Corporation may be useful to your line of work. These could be useful to the Resolute Support advisors working in Essential Function 8 - STRATCOM.
"DoD has struggled with assessing the progress and effectiveness of its IIP efforts and in presenting the results of these assessments to stakeholders and decisionmakers. To address these challenges, a RAND study compiled examples of strong assessment practices across sectors, including defense, marketing, public relations, and academia, distilling and synthesizing insights and advice for the assessment of DoD IIP efforts and programs. These insights and attendant best practices will be useful to personnel who plan and assess DoD IPP efforts and those who make decisions based on assessments, particularly those in DoD and Congress who are responsible for setting national defense priorities and allocating the necessary resources."
Assessing and Evaluating Department of Defense Efforts to Inform, Influence, and Persuade
RAND Corporation, April 17, 2015

Desk Reference 

Annotated Reading List

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