Tuesday, March 10, 2015

President Ghani to Visit U.S. - His 5 Tasks

President Ghani will soon visit the United States. He will meet with lots of folks to include President Obama. He is taking his Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah in an effort to show his partnership in the National Unity Government (NUG) is strong. The relationship between Afghanistan and the United States became strained because of the antics of the former President Karzai and his refusal to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement. Most observers expect Ghani to ask for a delay in the departure of  U.S. troops, advisors and enablers (air support, Intel assets, ISR, etc.). Tamim Asey outlines five tasks that should be accomplished by Ghani in his recent news article.

1. Rebuild Afghanistan's image & U.S. relations
2. Secure long-term security and economic assistance
3. Seek a stronger U.S. role in peace process
4. More U.S. involvement with Afghan regional neighbors
5. Secure U.S. assistance to help Afghanistan become trade, transit, energy hub

Tamin Asey is a Fulbright alumni and a Columbia University graduate. He is currently a Kabul-based researcher and writer. You can read his article in "Afghanistan" Five Tasks for Ghani's Crucial U.S. Visit", The Diplomat, March 9, 2015.


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