Sunday, September 21, 2014

NATO - Wales Summit Declaration on Afghanistan

During its early September 2014 NATO summit in Wales the allies issued the "Wales Summit Declaration on Afghanistan" (see NATO press release 2014 - 121, September 4, 2014). There were nine paragraphs to the declaration. Topics included (1) honoring members of ISAF and ANSF who have served, (2) the fact that ISAF has assisted the Afghans over the past decade, (3) ISAF will end their mission in December 2014, (4) prospects for continued support to Afghanistan through Resolute Support, financial sustainment, and an enduring NATO-Afghanistan partnership, (5) NATO will continue to support the Afghan-owned peace process, (6) good neighbourly relations are essential (does this mean Pakistan as well?), (7) a stable Afghanistan is good for the wider region, (8) NATO is resolved to make Afghanistan "  . . . a stable, sovereign, democratic and united country, . . .", and (9) NATO is " . . . steadfast and resolute in our comittment to the Afghan people".

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