Sunday, September 21, 2014

IC is Discounting Nonviolence in Afghan Election

The website E-International Relations has published a lengthy and informative piece about the nonviolent protests taking place in Afghanistan as a result of the wide-spread electoral fraud. The article by Marie S. Huber (September 13, 2014) explains in detail the nature of the protests and questions the international communities' (U.N., NATO, U.S. State Department, international media, etc.) inadequate and incorrect characterization of the protests. Huber states that the protests are nonviolent and a good indicator that democracy is taking hold vice the international view that the protests are indicative of a move to violence and a disruption of the electoral process and peaceful transfer of power from one president to another. Marie Huber has been living and working in Afghanistan for two years as a researcher with both national and international organizations. She holds a Masters of Philosophy in International Peace Studies and conducts research on aid sustainability, gender, women's issues, and peace and reconciliation. You can read the article in full here.

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