Monday, July 1, 2019

Afghan War Blog - Going Quiet

In March 2018 we published a post stating that the Afghan War Blog would temporarily suspend posting articles and sending out the "Afghan War Blog Weekly Newsletter". Our reasons were writing endeavors, work projects, travel, vacations, and other culprits. We said we would resume publishing in the later part of 2018.

Well . . . things do happen. The Afghan War Blog will remain silent. The blog will remain online as will its companion website Afghan War News, Twitter account, and LinkedIn account. The website will continue to have content added and social media accounts will remain active; only the blog is remaining dormant.

Our small editorial and writing staff has transitioned its efforts to the special operations world with the establishment of SOF News. This website posts articles and sends out a newsletter (email) about current news, analysis, and commentary on special operations, national security, and conflicts from around the world. From time to time, at least 2-3 times a month, we publish articles on the Afghan conflict - which may be of interest to those who used to receive the Afghan War Blog Weekly Newsletter.

A sampling of our Afghan articles on SOF News can be found at the link below:

You can follow SOF News via:

SOF News website




Newsletter Signup

In addition, SOF News welcomes the submission of articles for publishing. If it is related to special operations, current conflicts, national security, defense, and . . . of course . . . Afghanistan; then we are interested. See our guidelines for article submission.

Thanks for being a subscriber to the Afghan War Blog Weekly Newsletter. It has been an interesting journey over the past few decades. The journey continues with SOF News - we hope you will make the transition and sign up for our newsletter.
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