Sunday, February 25, 2018

Afghan War News Snippets

ISKP and Wood Smuggling.
The Islamic State Khorasan Province finances (in part) its operations in eastern Afghanistan by smuggling wood into Pakistan. (VOA, Feb 18, 2018).

The Panhandle of Afghanistan. The origins of the Wakhan Corridor located in the remote province of Badakhshan can be traced to "The Great Game". Read "How Afghanistan got its bizarre panhandle", We Are The Mighty, February 19, 2018.

The Ancient Afghan Silk Road. A researcher at the University of Chicago has uncovered 100 previously unrecorded caravanserais - giant, protected stopover points for merchants traveling by camel along the Silk Road. Many of the newly discovered sites were in use from the 1500s to about 1700. They are rectangular structures about the size of a football field with walls enclosing a courtyard merchants and camels could rest. Read "Following the Afghan Silk Road with satellites", Share, February 20, 2018.

Afghan Nomads Suffering. Pakistan has closed the border crossings traditionally used by Kuchi nomads each year. During the winter months they cross from Afghanistan into Pakistan to reach their historic grazing fields. Now they are trapped and facing starvation and economic ruin. Read more in "Afghan nomads trapped, hungry as Pakistan blocks access to grazing land", Reuters, February 19, 2018.

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