Sunday, November 12, 2017

Videos and Movies about Afghanistan

"A Game Changer". In this 30-second video posted by Resolute Support on their account General Nicholson, the commander of Resolute Support, says 2018 will be different. He states that the ANA Commandos, Special Police Units, and the Afghan Air Force will be taking the fight to the Taliban. Published on November 11, 2017.

"No Greater Love". A documentary directed by an Army chaplain who served in Afghanistan provides a look at the members of a U.S. Army battalion and their experiences during a 2010-2011 deployment to Afghanistan. (Variety, Nov 9, 2017).

NATO JTACs. A French Joint Terminal Air Controller describes how she calls in fire support for ground troops in "She Has the Firepower", NATO, November 6, 2107.

"Special Operations Soldiers". The U.S. Army has posted a video (Nov 6, 2017) about U.S. Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) on its site. A 1 1/2 minute long video with some great shots of ARSOF conducting training events.

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