Sunday, October 8, 2017

Commentary on Afghanistan

Kicking the Taliban Out of Qatar? Some believe that the move by President Trump to have the Taliban 'diplomatic office' closed down would be a mistake. A few 'experts' on Afghanistan have collaborated on an opinion piece that advances the argument that the conflict will end only through a negotiated settlement among the United States, the Afghan government, and the Taliban. Read "Expelling the Taliban From Qatar Would be a Grave Mistake", Foreign Policy, October 6, 2017.

The Invisible War. Michael Kugelman writes on the likely course of events in Afghanistan in "America's inevitable war is now an invisible one", CNN, October 6, 2017.

"Soft Power Strategy Needed?" Daniel Runde has penned an opinion piece that proposes a combined a combined security surge with economic assistance, better governance, more regional integration, and increased diplomacy. See "The New U.S. Commitment to Afghanistan Needs a Soft Power Strategy",, October 6, 2017.

The War will Grind On. One analyst sees that not much will change over the next few years. Read "Sixteen Years and Counting: The Afghan War Grinds On", Stratfor, October 7, 2017.

Kabul Security Posing Problems for NUG. A close look at the security situation in the city suggests that the present state-of-affairs has the potential to pose bigger problems for the National Unity Government (NUG). The Afghan govt has responded to the uptick in attacks in the capital city with a new security plan ("green zone") but this may end up being counter-productive. Read "Kabul Security: The NUG's Achilles Heel?", Eurasia Review, October 6, 2017.

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