Sunday, June 18, 2017

Recent Videos on Afghanistan

Engaging with Afghan Civil Society. The Senior Civilian Representative (SCR) from NATO to Afghanistan has provided his insight on how ". . . civil society is a key driver of change . . ." for Afghanistan. Watch video here. (RS HQ video, 1 min, June 14, 2017).

Task Force Southwest supports ANDSF Maiwand Three operations. U.S. Marine advisors are assisting ANA soldiers with the 215th Corps in Helmand province, Afghanistan. The advisors are providing support for the Maiwand Three operation currently underway. Watch video here (RS HQs video, 1-min, June 15, 2017).

Afghan soldiers complete mechanic training. A maintenance chief in the Afghan Army based in Helmand province, Afghanistan tells us how the U.S. is helping his men support the 215th Corp in the fight against insurgents. (RS HQs, 1 min, June 13, 2017).

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