Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump and Afghanistan

President-Elect Donald Trump is taking center stage in American politics. However, the world is watching and has much at stake. This is especially true for Afghanistan - and those countries currently taking part in the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan. Not much was said about Afghanistan during the campaign for the presidency by either of the two presidential candidates - Trump or Clinton. There is very little known about Trump's foreign policy views - other than he is plainly lacking in any depth in this area. Hopefully his choice of advisors and cabinet heads will offset this lack of foreign policy knowledge. Some observers have ventured into the void and have attempted to discern what a Trump administration means for Afghanistan and these news articles and reports are found below:

"People That Hate Us: What can Afghans expect from President Trump?", Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), November 11, 2016.

"Afghan Taliban Urges President-Elect Trump to Withdraw U.S. Troops",,  November 10, 2016.

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