Sunday, February 14, 2016


MoI Minister Resignation? Rumors continue to circulate that the Ministry of Interior head - Noor ul Haq Uloomi - is going to resign. (Reuters, Feb 6, 2016).

NUG in Dispute on Helmand PGov. President Ghani and CEO Abdullah are reportedly at odds in who should be the new governor of Helmand province. This, of course, has been the major stumbling block in the National Unity Government (NUG) - the inability to reach a compromise on who will be provincial governors and lead critical ministries (MoI, MoD, etc.). Of course, the Afghan parliament has been less than helpful in this regard as well. Read "Government leaders dispute appointment of major for Helmand", Khaama Press, February 8, 2016.

USAID's ALBA Program. USAID's Assistance to Legislative Bodies of Afghanistan (ALBA) has been active in building governance capacity in the National Assembly (Parliament) of Afghanistan. However, the achievements have been minimal due in part to a 6-month gap that occurred between the predecessor program (I don't know the name) and the start of ALBA. But also (the minimal achievements) due to systemic issues with the Afghan government. The link below provides a document about ALBA for those interested in governance.
Mid-Term Evaluation (March 2013-June 2015), Assistance to Legislative Bodies of Afghanistan (ALBA), USAID - Afghanistan, June 2015.

Munich. President Ghani recently addressed the Munich Security Conference (MSC) in Germany - as did other state leaders. He thanked NATO and other Coalition nations for their continued support, acknowledged that Afghans have a lot of work to do to get their government running right, and said that the security situation may improve in time. His attendance was overshadowed by the recent events in Syria (a possible pause to the fighting?).

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