Sunday, November 8, 2015

Security News

Helicopter Movements for Daily Transport to Work. Life has changed in Kabul with the decreased number of foreign troops, aid workers, and other expats. Movement along the roads is restricted and frequenting restaurants by foreigners has dropped off significantly. The sounds of helicopters fills the air.
"After 14 years of war, of training the Afghan Army and the police, it has become too dangerous to drive the mile and a half from the airport to the embassy."
Read more in "Life Pulls Back in Afghan Capital, as Danger Rises and Troops Recede", The New York Times, November 3, 2015.

Fighting in Kunduz Continues. While Kunduz has dropped from the news the fighting still continues but on a smaller scale. Three Afghan Local Police were recently killed in a clash in Imam Sahib district of northern Kunduz province. (Pajhwok Afghan News, Nov 4, 2015).

Instability in Northern Afghanistan. Dan Lamothe writes about the evolving (and deteriorating) security situation in northern Afghanistan. Read "In northern Afghanistan, a mix of Taliban, foreign fighters, and soldiers spread thin", The Washington Post, November 4, 2015.

Farah Taliban Splinter Group. The Governor of Farah says that a segment of the Taliban have broken away to form a new group. The new leader of the group - Mullah Rasool - was governor of Nimroz province during the Taliban rule. (BBC, Nov 4, 2015).

Video - RS Update #7. Resolute Support HQs posted a video about IED training in Herat, passing of the colors at TAAC-South (7th ID) - BG Paul Bontrager heads home (after a job well done), and paper guns for training ANDSF. 5 mins long.

DABS and MoD Agreement for Power Delivery. Da Afghanistan Bank (DABS) and the Ministry of Defense (MoD) signed a historic Power Delivery Power Purchase Agreement that will guarantee the MoD affordable electrical grid power. Read more in a Facebook post by RS HQs.

Battle for Marjah - Again. A few years back the fight for the district of Marjah was supposed to be a turning point in the war for the U.S. U.S. forces - supported by other nations and in concert with Afghan security forces - were to kick the Taliban out of Marjah and reestablish governance. Didn't quite happen that way. And now the Taliban are threatening once again - currently (this week) beating up on the Afghan Local Police. The fight for Marjah was a bid deal - Learn more by watching a 90 minute long documentary by HBO (Sep 2011) entitled The Battle for Marjah.

Indian Helicopters for AAF? Afghanistan may soon be receiving four attack helicopters from India. The attack helicopters are of a Russian make and much more robust than the smaller MD-530s that the US is providing to Afghanistan. Read more in "Afghanistan turns to India for military helicopters, likely to rile Pakistan", Reuters, November 5, 2015.

Vikings Continue Their Stay. The Swedes intend to stay through to the end of 2016 keeping about 50 military personnel in Afghanistan. Their presence is mostly in the north at a military camp close to Mazar-e Sharif. Read more in "Continued Swedish presence in Afghanistan", Government Offices of Sweden, November 2015.

RPA Crash in Kabul Province. US Forces Afghanistan said that a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (most folks call the drones) crashed in the mountains of the Mosahi District in Kabul province on Wednesday (4 Nov 15). No one has claimed ownership of the RPA.

Woman Stoned to Death. A young woman was killed by the Taliban for refusing to live in an enforced marriage in Ghor province. The Taliban have ruled the village for three years and security forces are unable to wrest control of the village from the insurgents. (CNN, Nov 4, 2015).

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