Sunday, October 18, 2015

SOF News

Commandos Kill Taliban Dep Gov. Afghan commandos are reported to have killed the Taliban Deputy Govenor for Farah province. The ANA conducted several operations in the western province last week. (Khaama Press, Oct 12, 2015).

Brit SF Return to Camp Bastion. It appears that the British will re-occupy Camp Bastion in Helmand province for a least a short period of time. Seems that some Afghan units (Commandos?) are in need of advice and assistance. Read a news report by the Daily Mail, October 15, 2015.

SF NCO Facing Discharge. Little support is forthcoming from the Massachusetts delegation to Congress for the Special Forces NCO from Milton, Massachusetts who will soon be discharged from the Army for beating up an Afghan police officer who held a young Afghan boy captive and sexually exploited him. Read more in a recent news report (WBUR, Oct 13, 2015).

SF Medic Receives Recognition. Dan Winschel currently works as a Physician Assistant the Veterans Administration Jamaica Plain Hospital in Massachusetts. He started out 28 years ago as a Special Forces medic with 7th Special Forces Group and has deployed to Afghanistan many times. The Veterans Administration recently recognized "Veteran of the Day".

Ukraine SOF. The Ukraine has been a dependable Coalition partner in the Afghan War. They have revamped their special forces. Read more in "Meet Ukraine's new elite Special Forces securing the border", UA Today, October 17, 2015.

India's SOD. The Indian military is changing up the organization of its SOF units by creating a Special Operations Division (SOD). (The Times of India, Oct 17, 2015).

3rd Female to Graduate Ranger School. Reports indicate that a third female has graduated from Ranger School. It would seem that she spent more than the usual 60 days at the course - having recycled a few times - staying in the course about 180 days. Some news report say she is a 37-year old mother of two. I went through when I was 32 years old and the 4th oldest graduating student in my class. 37-years old? Must be a stud! Good for her. (The Washington Post, Oct 12, 2015).

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