Sunday, October 4, 2015

Islamic State in Afghanistan

EU Rep: Defeating ISIS in Afghanistan. Ambassador Franz-Michael Mellbin, the Special Representative of the European Union in Afghanistan, spells out his views on how we need to defeat the Islamic State in Afghanistan. The ISIS threat has been upgraded from 'nascent' to 'operationally emergent'. Early efforts to stem the ISIS movement (using drones, Afghan SOF, and tribal engagement) worked very effectively; however, the group has proven that it is resilient. An immediate counter-strategy is needed to counter the continued growth and development of ISIS in Afghanistan. Read more in "We got ISIS wrong in Syria, let's get it right in Afghanistan", Times Live, September 29, 2015.

IS Making Inroads. A senior State Department official said that the U.S. is concerned about the Islamic State group's efforts to establish a stronghold in Afghanistan. This follows a United Nations report stating the same. Read "Islamic State Inroads in Afghanistan Concern US"Voice of American, September 26, 2015.

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