Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mobile Money Plan for ALP

A plan to pay the Afghan Local Police or ALP in Kapisa province by electronic transfer is working out well (at least according to Resolute Support HQs). The mobile money pilot program registration is complete and will supposedly bring a safer, transparent payment process to the province. If this works out well it may be expanded throughout Afghanistan. The mobile banking services are expected "reduce opportunities for leakages" - a different way of saying corruption, I suppose.The mobile money program allows policemen to receive salaries through their mobile phones and use cash withdrawals without having to step foot in a traditional bank - banks not always available in remote and unsecure areas of Afghanistan where the ALP are based. Cell phone use has grown significantly in Afghanistan since 2001 so the use of mobile banking is possible.

'Trusted Agents' are used where the mobile banking scheme is not yet employed. Trusted agents are Ministry of Interior appointed personnel that physically deliver salaries in cash to remote areas where banks are not available. This method - using the trusted agent - is dangerous (for the trusted agent) and subject to corruption by police commanders. Read more in "Mobile money pilot program bringing safe, transparent pay to Afghan police", DVIDS, August 31, 2015.

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