Sunday, August 2, 2015

Security News

ALP Insider Attack. On Sunday, Jul 26th four Afghan Local Police killed their commander and two others and joined the Taliban in Saripul province (Pajhwok Afghan News, Jul 26, 2015). In another news report by Khaama Press (July 27) we learn that an ALP commander and 7 of  his men from Sar-e-Pul have joined up with a Taliban group.

Gunfire at Afghan Wedding Kills 20. Two families (rival warlords?) had a shootout during a wedding with some drastic results. The fight took place late on Sunday in Deh Salah district in Baghlan province. Ten people were wounded and at least 20 were killed. The dead were all male guests in ages from 14 to 60. Read more in "Gunfight kills at least 20 at northern Afghanistan wedding, officials report", The Guardian, July 27, 2015.

Toy Guns Banned in Afghanistan. The Afghan Interior Ministry has ordered its police to confiscate toy guns. Read more in "Why Afghanistan is Banning Toy Guns", The World Post, July 27, 2015.

Kidnapping Capital of Afghanistan. The peace and prosperity of Herat in western Afghanistan has led to the emergence of a growing middle class - and a criminal network that targets them for kidnap, ransom, and extortion. Read more in "Afghanistan's model city is also its kidnapping capital", Global Post, July 27, 2015.

Farah Blast Kills ALP Commander. Pajhwok Afghan News reported that a bomb blast killed an Afghan Local Police leader.

Faryab Province Update. The Afghan Army Chief of Staff claims that insurgents have not made any significant advances in Faryab province. Others, however, strongly disagree. Read more in a news report by Gandhara Blog, July 27, 2015.

Helmand Province Update. Reports indicate that the Nawzad district in Helmand was taken on Wednesday, July 29th by the Taliban. The Afghan Army says that it has "stepped back" a bit but will retake the district soon. (Khaama Press, Jul 29, 2015).

Sar-e-Pul Province Update. Reports from Afghan police in Kohistanat district say a recent surrender of police to the Taliban was the result of no air support or reinforcements from regional security forces. According to some reports the district has fallen after police defected to the Taliban. The fall of the Kohistanat district is the latest in a string of Taliban victories in the Afghan north. (The Long War Journal, Jul 28, 2015).

Kunduz Fight. The Taliban and other insurgent groups have done well thus far this fighting season. While they failed to take the provincial capital it is reported they control over half of the province- chiefly in the rural areas. (Reuters, Jul 28, 2015).

Containing the IMU. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan or IMU has a strong presence in northern Afghanistan and is a constant source of anxiety not only for the 209th Corps but also for Uzbekistan. John C. K. Daly wonders if Uzbekistan can contain the IMU. (Silk Road Reporters, Jul 31, 2015).

AOAV Update on IED Attacks. The Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) organization has released an update on IED attacks in Afghanistan (July 2, 2015).

AAF and Non-Standard Aircraft. The organization charged with providing non-standard aircraft such as the Mi-17 or MD-530D to the Afghan Air Force has had a change in leadership. Read more in "Non-Standard Rotary Wing team has new leader", The Redstone Rocket, July 29, 2015.

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