Sunday, August 16, 2015

Peace Talks

Afghan Peace Talks. A listing of news reports and publications about Afghan peace talks is available here:

Thematic Dossier by AAN. The Afghanistan Analysts Network or AAN has provided us (dated August 4, 2015) with their Thematic Dossier X: Peace talks and reconciliation which is a comprehensive guide to the history of the Afghan peace talks.

Pakistan and Peace Talks. While the Pakistan government postures to the world about the need for peace talks the Pakistan intelligence service continues support the Taliban in its insurgency against the government of Afghanistan. Most observers see a fracturing of the Taliban leadership in the wake of the announcement that Mullah Omar is now "officially dead". Pakistan says that until the Taliban resolve the leadership question it is unlikely that peace talks will resolve anything. Probably just the way the Pakistanis want things. (VOA News, Aug 9, 2015).

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