Sunday, August 2, 2015

Army Operating Concept - Two Approaches

Russia has been identified by our military leaders as our number threat today and for the years to come. The reemergence of Russia as a threat has caused the U.S. to take a second look at its operating concepts that influence doctrine, strategy, equipment and planning. The Army Operating Concept is how the Army plans to fight and win in the future. Two commentators provide their views on the proper approach to our number one threat - Russia. Michael Jacobson thinks we need to concentrate our resources to be able to defeat Russia in a conventional fight (as in the quick victory we experienced in the Persian Gulf War in 1991). You can read his thoughts in "The U.S. Army is Charging into the Future with a Lack of Focus", War on the Rocks, July 30, 2015. Mark Galeotti believes we need to buttress up our defensive abilities against "hybrid warfare". This is relying less on superior technical firepower, equipment, etc. and becoming better at recognizing and reacting to asymmetrical threats and unconventional warfare. Read his article in "Time to Think about "Hybrid Defense", War on the Rocks, July 30, 2015.

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