Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gen Campbell Praises ANSF in Helmand Op

The ANSF recently completed a months-long operation in Helmand province. Much of the fighting took place in Sangin district. Observers had mixed reviews on the op. Many saw it as a "clearing operation" that is typical of the ANSF. Move into an area in great numbers, establish a presence, get shot at, mix it up with the Taliban, kill and capture some insurgents, take some casualties, clear some IEDs, talk to the local residents, and then go back to the big FOB many miles away. The end result is the insurgency is "disrupted" for the length of the operation and then the insurgents resume their activities once the ANSF departs. Listen to what General Campbell, commander of the Resolute Support mission, has to say about the Helmand operation in "DoD News: Resolute Support Commander Praises ANSF"DVIDS, April 28, 2015.

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