Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ATP 3-39.20 Police Intelligence Operations

Headquarters, Department of the Army has released Police Intelligence Operations, ATP 3-39.20, April 2015. This manual could be valuable to those advisors who are working with the Afghan National Police, the National Directorate of Security, Operational Coordination Center (OCCs), or the various intelligence agencies of the Ministry of Interior or the Ministry of Defense.

Police Intelligence Foundation
Integration into the Operations Process
Police Information Sources
Police Information Analysis
Production and Dissemination

Some of the content includes info on incident maps, link analysis, association matrix, time-event charts, targeting methodology, source reliability code, and more. The manual, an Adobe Acrobat PDF, can be read online or downloaded from the Army's publication portal.

Other manuals, papers, reports, and publications about police intelligence that may be useful to the police advisor in Afghanistan can be found at the website link below.

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