Monday, March 9, 2015

Paper - MODA Program

The United States Government Accountability Officer (GAO) has published a report for Congress entitled Building Partner Capacity: DoD Should Improve its Reporting to Congress on Challenges to Expanding Ministry of Defense Advisors Program, February 2015. The GAO report has found that the Department of Defense has expanded the Global Ministry of Defense Advisors (MODA) program more slowly than planned. The Ministry of Defense Advisors (MODA) program partners DoD civilian experts with foreign defense and security officials to build core competencies in key areas such as strategy and policy, human resources management, acquisition and logistics, and financial management. The program began in Afghanistan in July 2010, and Congress authorized the Secretary of Defense, with the concurrence of the Secretary of State, to carry out a program to assign DoD civilian employees as advisors to the ministries of defense of foreign countries. You can read the GAO report here - "Building Partner Capacity" at the PKSOI website. Read a DoD MODA program overview.

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