Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tajikistan Worried about its Afghan Border

Tajikistan's armed forces are setting up a new base very close to the Afghan border. The country has some concerns about armed groups operating just south of its border that are not under the control of the Kabul government. Armed groups could be the Taliban, warlord groups, or local militias. Or . . . it could be a catch all phrase for any or all terrorist or insurgent groups (like ISIS or the IMU) that may be operating in the area. With the departure of the Coalition forces from Afghanistan there is little punch remaining in the international forces to conduct combat operations. There still remains a small counter-terrorism capability within the current U.S. force structure in Afghanistan but this is likely reserved for high-value al-Qaeda and Taliban targets. Some U.S. and international SOF forces are continuing to work with the ANA Special Operations Forces and the MoI Special Police Units but their presence in the north of Afghanistan has diminished significantly. Read more in "Eyeing Taliban, Tajikistan Sets Up New Military Base on Afghan Border", Bug Pit Eurasia Net, January 8, 2015.

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