Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pakistani Balochs in Afghanistan

Some Balochs from Pakistan are seeking refuge in Afghanistan. There is a small insurgency in the Balochistan province of Pakistan that has been simmering for years. The Balochs are mostly nomads and are spread out among three countries - Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. The terrain and geography makes it a desolate place providing little economic opportunity. Most make their living from migratory animal husbandry and some smuggling. The Balochs have been at odds with the central Pakistani government since Pakistan gained its independence. There have been a number of attempts at independence and several insurgent movements. Many Balochs flee to Pakistan to avoid persecution by Pakistani security forces. Most Pakistani Balochs move to Nimroz province, Afghanistan where the majority of the population is also Baloch. Read more in "Pakistani Balochs seeking shelter in Afghanistan - analysis", Eurasia Review, January 4, 2015.

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