Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Expeditionary Wing's Mission in RS

Two Air Expeditionary Wings will operate in Afghanistan as part of Operation Freedom's Sentinel. The 438th AEW will be based in the capital of Kabul with personnel at other locations as well performing the 'train, advise, and assist' mission supporting the Afghan Air Force. Topics to be trained and advised include airlift, aeromedical evacuation, tactical reconnaissance, and close air support. The 455th AEW will be based at Bagram Airfield but will also have some satellite locations. It's primary mission will be to maintain a counterterrorism capability in Afghanistan targeting the remnants of al-Qaeda. It may also provide combat enabler support to the ANSF in limited operations to prevent detrimental strategic effects to the Afghan security forces. The Air Force personnel will account for about 20 percent of the 13,000 RS troops remaining in Afghanistan. Information is from "The Continuing Mission in Afghanistan", Air Force Magazine, January 7, 2015.

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