Monday, December 15, 2014

Mohammad Agha District: Empty Streets

Logar province has at least three districts - Charkh, Kharwar, and Azra - already under the control of the Taliban. Except for the respective district centers where the Afghan National Police keep a small contingent the Taliban generally rule. A fourth district is not fairing very well either. Mohammad Agha district in northern Logar has become a dangerous place as well. The Taliban roam the district at will during the night approaching villagers for shelter, food, money, and information. The Taliban run local councils (a shadow government) that conduct the administrative and military affairs at district level. Mohammad Agha district is a strategic location for the Taliban as it is the underbelly of Kabul and also serves as a crossroads for the movement of fighters, supplies, weapons, ammunition, communication, money, and intelligence into the adjacent provinces of Nangarhar, Paktia, Paktika, Khost, Wardak, and Ghazni. Read more in "The Empty Streets of Mohammad Agha: Logar's struggle against the Taleban", Afghanistan Analysts Network, December 15, 2014.

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