Sunday, December 14, 2014

Logar Province at Risk

According to Afghan members of parliament and Logar provincial council members three of Logar provinces' districts are mostly under the control of insurgents. The officials say that the districts of Charkh, Kharwar, and Azra are controlled by armed opponents. Estimates are that 95% of each district is not controlled by government security forces - so basically, that means that the government controls the district center. This is not new news. 95% of these three districts have been under the control of insurgents for a number of years. ANSF and ISAF declarations otherwise are simply false. Just because government forces control the district center does not mean they control the district. The district center is just a walled compound housing the district governors office, two to three other district level officials (if they even show up for work), the district police station (with 20-80 personnel assigned), and perhaps an ANA element (usually company sized or less). The government forces rarely go outside the district center walls unless an ANA kandak from another adjacent district comes in for a periodic "clearing operation". Once the ANA kandak departs the government forces (ANP and ANA) cloister inside the district center walls - rarely venturing out. These three districts have been like this for years; nothing has changed.  Read more in "Logar Districts on the Edge of Collapse: Officials", Tolo News, December 12, 2014.

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