Monday, December 1, 2014

Daily News Snippets

According to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) the Kabul guest house attacked on Friday night belonged to a family working for "Partnership in Academics & Development (PAD). Originally it was reported in the press that they worked for a group called "PATH". The victims are reported to be South Africans - a man, his son, and his daughter as well as one Afghan. The family lived in Afghanistan for over 12 years. The father worked for charity organizations and the mother is a doctor. The son, 17 years old, was applying to U.S. universities. The daughter was 14 years old. The organization is reportedly based in Redlands, California. news report

Over 100 members of the Arkansas National Guard have returned home. They just completed a six-month rotation to Afghanistan. The 216th Military Police Company left for Afghanistan in May. The 1038th Horizontal Construction Company of the Arkansas National Guard is still deployed in Afghanistan. See article in Army Times (Nov 28, 2014).

The Army plans to return to "full-spectrum training" is being hampered by budget cuts. Despite the fact the Army will most likely face hybrid or asymmetric threats in the future it feels compelled to know how to fight the "big battles" as well; and switching over to that type of training takes time and money. Read more in a news article by Stars and Stripes (Nov 2, 2014).

The Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), an independent non-profit research organization based in Kabul, has been tracking women's issues in Afghanistan for several years. The AAN offers online a "thematic dossier" on Women Rights and Politics. Available here (30 Nov 14).

The attack at Camp Bastion in Helmand province is finally over. The attack against the (now) ANA base recently vacated by the British occurred on Friday. It appears that some of the Taliban were holding out over the past few days but were finally killed/captured on Sunday. Some critics have pointed out the attack as evidence that the ANA are not ready to take the lead for security in Helmand province. On a good note: apparently no Harrier jump jets were lost in the attack.

Afghan Cabinet. Although the cabinet ministers have not been announced it appears that the Deputy Ministers will take over for the time being. President Ghani has dismissed most ministers in the government (The New York Times, November 30, 2014).

President Ghani ratified the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) and NATO SOFA that the two houses of the Afghan Parliament recently approved.

President Ghani signed two additional pieces of legislation. One dealing with a national census (which should help in the establishment of national ID cards) and another with protection of information.

A recent news story (see NBC News and UPI) circulating websites and Twitter was about an endangered bird (bustard) that was shot down by Afghan Security Forces for having a GPS and VHF transmitter. Some news reports indicated that the bird also was carrying explosives. Now it appears the mystery is solved. (On Twitter @KateClark66 pointed us to a news story entitled "2,000 endangered bustards released in Kazakhstan", Yahoo! News India, May 7, 2014. The story outlines a conservation effort to increase the wild population of bustards. The GPS and VHF transmitter were providing data to scientists of the migratory patterns of bustards; no explosives though. Score one victory for the ANSF and one loss for science.

The Washington Post writes about how the Taliban is bringing the war to Kabul threatening stability and endangering foreigners. (November 30, 2014).

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