Friday, December 5, 2014

Challenging Corruption in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is languishing at the bottom of the Transparency International Corruption Index ranking 175 out of 177 nations in 2013. In December 2014 new results will be announced and Afghanistan is sure to be in the top ten most corrupt countries in the world. The world community is meeting in London this week discussing renewed financial support for Afghanistan. Many observers are leery of providing increased or continued aid to the country because much of the money is siphoned off by corrupt Afghan government officials and does not get to the poor. Corruption is viewed by many Afghans as the most important problem in Afghanistan after the issue of security. Corruption fuels the insurgency with much of the rural population supporting the Taliban against a government that does not govern, provide services, encourage development, and ensure security. Transparency International is offering six recommendations that the Afghan government officials and international donors should consider:

1. Promote clean leadership in key institutions.
2. Make the judiciary independent.
3. Establish a best practice right to information regime.
4. Establish an independent anti-corruption agency.
5. Make asset declaration mandatory for all who hold power.
6. Procurement transparency.

Read more details of Transparency International's recommendations in "Challenging Corruption in Afghanistan" (December 1, 2014).

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