Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Afghanistan - A Future Land Bridge?

There is a big push, spear-headed by the efforts of China and Russia to develop the economic structure of Central and South Asia. In fact, all countries in the region have an interest in this - Pakistan, Central Asian countries, Iran, India, etc. Even the United States attempted to generate some activity in this regard with its roll out of the Northern Distribution Network and the New Silk Road Strategy. While the emphasis is on the mineral, energy, and transportation sectors of Central and South Asia - the fact is all the countries are looking after their own economic and political self-interests. Afghanistan - because of its central geographical location - and if it can solve its political and security problems, can also benefit. However, Afghanistan has to develop its road and railroad networks in order to be the "crossroads for trade" in the region. Read more in "Long Road to the Ocean: Afghanistan's Quest for a Seaport", Eurasia Review, by Tamin Asey, December 7, 2014.

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