Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Paper - "Human Dimension White Paper"

The United States Army Combined Arms Center (CAC) has recently published The Human Dimension White Paper: A Framework for Optimizing Human Performance, (9 October 2014). The Army has recognized that the nature of warfare has changed dramatically over the past few decades. While the Army must be prepared to fight the large conflicts where large nation-state armies clash on the battlefield and the industrial and technological prowess of a nation comes to bear; it also must be ready for the asymmetric, hybrid, insurgent and political warfare environment as well. The paper sets the stage for the revision and upgrade of Army education and training at the individual, unit, and institutional levels.
"To answer the challenge of this new paradigm, the Army must invest in its most valuable resource, its people. Our challenge is to optimize the performance of every Soldier and civilian through innovation and investment in education, training, professionalism, leader development, holistic health and total fitness, talent acquisition and precision talent management of our human capital".
The intent of the white paper is to operationalize the Army human dimension concepts described in the Army Operating Concept (TRADOC Pam 525-3-1). The paper lists the "ways" to do this a) establish cognitive dominance, b) execute realistic training, and c) drive institutional agility. The "means" are described as a), education, b) training, c) professional and leader development, d) talent acquisition and management, e) holistic health and fitness, and f) research and experimentation.

You can access the paper on the website of the Combined Arms Center at the link below:
The Human Dimension White Paper

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