Sunday, November 2, 2014

Latest 1230 Report - ANSF Improving

The latest assessment by the Department of Defense (1230 report) states that the Afghan National Security Forces held together during the 2014 fighting season. The report states that the Taliban failed to achieve their goal of disrupting the elections (true statement, the ANSF did well in April and June during the elections). In addition, the Taliban were ". . . unable to hold any significant terrain and were consistently overmatched when engaged by ANSF enabled by coalition air and intelligence support". Yep. When coalition air support and intelligence was provided to the ANSF in a battle the ANSF typically came out on top. And when the coalition air support and intelligence was NOT provided the ANSF . . . probably did not fare as well. Wording in the 1230 report is everything. The report makes a big deal about the Taliban not controlling significant territory. I guess "significant" has to be defined. Obviously the districts of Sangin, Azra, and Charra Darra are not significant. Neither is the province of Nuristan I suppose. Usually guerrilla and insurgent groups are less concerned about controlling terrain and more concerned about controlling the population and having freedom of movement. Read more in "In latest Afghan war report, Pentagon lauds Afghan security forces", Stars and Stripes, October 31, 2014.

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