Friday, November 7, 2014

Commentary (Ex) Senator Lieberman on Afghanistan

Joseph Lieberman, a former senator from Connecticut, and a one-time "moderate" who could cross party lines and actually help Congress do "governance", has provided us with his thoughts on Obama and Afghanistan. Joe says that Obama needs to re-consider his plan to fully withdraw U.S. advisors by 2016 (end of ) in light of the disastrous effects of pulling out advisors from Iraq in 2011. He says, that although Iraq and Afghanistan are different, there are some parallels and lessons that we can ignore (at our peril). He warns that pulling out of Afghanistan fully may unravel everything that we have accomplished thus far (much as Iraq unraveled). Good commentary by one of our more capable former U.S. Senators. Read his opinion piece in "Obama repeats his Iraq mistake in Afghanistan", The Washington Post, June 20, 2014. (I know, it is dated but still valid!).

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