Sunday, November 16, 2014

Afghan Information Dissemination Operations (AIDO) Course

Some Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers from the 203rd Corps, 215th Corps, and Commando units recently graduated from the Afghan Information Dissemination Operations (AIDO) course. The course is a three-week program that teaches the principles of effective tactical and operational messaging. Information Operations or Inform and Influence Activities (pick your term) is an important aspect of strategic communications within the counterinsurgency environment of Afghanistan. For too long, developing the Afghan IO capability was ignored - started too late by ISAF and considered not important by the MoD. The soldiers who graduate from AIDO will provide an increased capability to their units by strengthening local understanding of, and support for, anti-insurgent missions and other tactical operations. While ISAF's Combined Joint Psychological Operations Task Force (CJPOTF) currently supports the AIDO course it remains to be seen what type of support will be offered under Resolute Support. Seeing how the Taliban insurgency has not been defeated and recognizing the importance of IO (IIA or PSYOP) to counterinsurgency one would hope that NATO maintains some type of residual mentoring, advising, and training for the AIDO course after 2014. One of the most productive programs in the IO field in past years was the introduction of the "Radio in a Box" or RIABs; perhaps this endeavor could be revitalized but under Afghan administration. Read more in "Afghan soldiers honored at graduation", ISAF News, November 11, 2014.

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